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What Our Clients Say

“I have been working with Anderson Pest Control for 11 years. Best service, hands down.”

Greg H.

“#1 Rated Pest Control Company in El Paso County! Call them now for all Your Pest Control needs.”

Tony S.

“Consistently and professionally takes care of my and my neighbors gopher issues safely so we don’t have to worry about our dogs and kids.”

Vivian V.

“They have a wonderful staff that cares about their clients and their concerns. Anderson Pest Control is a family owned business that was built from the ground up with many hours of hard work, dedication to their clients and their craft.”

Steve S.

“The guys at Anderson Pest Control are always on time and great at what they do. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Megan J.

“Anderson’s has provided pest control on our residential and commercial properties for over 30 years. They have always provided prompt, reliable, and professional service. I highly recommend them!”

Terrie W.

“I have been using Anderson Pest control for at least 15 years. I would not use anyone else. They are the best!!!! They are so professional and have been helpful in so many ways!”

Doris M.

“These guys are awesome! I’ve worked with them for 3 years, and our spider infestation has disappeared. They’re very friendly and prompt.”

Beck S.