Our Story

It all began in the early 1970s. A young man was out of work, with a wife and child at home, the man wondered how he would provide for his family. He pounded the pavement and scoured the newspaper “Help Wanted” ads daily. One day as he searched for a real possibility, the best opportunity he could have dreamed of was there before him. A pest control company was looking for a service technician, they would train, and the job had benefits! He hurried right down and applied for that position. Within a short time the young man was hired. He went for specialized training and learned and grew with that pest control company for three years. During those three years he had the opportunity to complete an entomology course with Purdue University, as well as the on the job training.

The young man was a diligent and through worker and soon the company was looking to promote him to a managerial position and move him into his own territory. The decision was a difficult one, but the young man chose to leave that company and move to Colorado to start his own pest control business. Thus began Anderson Pest Control, LLC. The company began in 1975, as a Colorado State Certified Pesticide Applicator the young man started his business with the correct credentials. It was a slow start, a lot of pounding the pavement again and making contacts with hospitals, restaurants, manufacturers, homeowners, and apartment complexes.
Over the years, Anderson Pest Control has kept up to date with new technology and awareness of new types of treatments for different pests. One major change that the pest control industry is making is the use of “Integrated Pest Management” – “Green Pest Control.” This is an ecological approach to pest control that differs from traditional pest control in that it emphasizes pest monitoring, and using a combination of control tactics with less dependence on pesticides. Treating pest problems at their source, rather than treating the symptoms is more environmentally friendly for the client and the pest control company.
As Anderson Pest Control has grown over the years, people have come to know and trust that young man who worked diligently and honesty to treat pest problems. Anderson Pest Control has grown largely by word of mouth advertising. One good way to build that type of reputation is to say what you’re going to do and do it, in the most professional, cost effective, and thorough way possible.
Yes, Randy Anderson started Anderson Pest Control, LLC over 30 years ago. His goal is and has been to provide quality pest control to improve people’s lives and business’ with integrity and a guarantee of customer satisfaction. In the early 1990s, Randy’s son Russ joined the company. Russ started out as a temporary for his dad when he had foot surgery. But after working together for a few months, they both decided the business was large enough to keep both of them busy, and Russ enjoyed the work, so he took the courses necessary to become a Colorado State Certified Pest Applicator and Qualified Supervisor and is now a full partner in the company. Randy and Russ have made a practice of taking the work they do very seriously, thus in the past ten years they’ve added two more technicians to their force and both are Colorado State Certified Pest Applicators, and continue to improve their knowledge and expertise in pest control.
Behind the scenes, there are many administrative duties that must be handled professionally as well. Sue and Lynette (Randy’s wife and daughter) continue that endless paperwork shuffle, keeping invoicing, billing, client information up to date, and paying taxes. Yes, it is a team that works very well, truly a Family Owned and Operated business since 1975!